Gottschalk of Orbais: Original Writings

Works of Gottschalk in Latin

For a long time the most of the original Latin writings by Gottschalk of Orbais were believed to be definitively lost. It is only in 1931 that his theological and grammatical works were discovered by Dom G. Morin in the library of Bern. In 1945 these were published by Dom C. Lambot, but this edition did not contain Gottschalk’s poetry (scattered through three separate volumes of MGH) and his letter to Ebbo (attributed to Gottschalk by Lambot only later). Thus the Latin works of Gottschalk have never been gathered in one place. Moreover, they have never been available in any collection of the electronic texts. The aim of this page is to make available to researchers the complete works of Gottschalk in text format.

        [Explicit De trina deitate]

  • [VII]
  • [VIII] Testimonia evangeliorum de praedestinatione electorum sive reproborum et de sola electione electorum. Item testimonia apostoli Pauli de re praedicta
  • [IX]
  • [X]
  • [XI] Item contra illos qui adfirmant reprobos esse redemptos
  • [XII] Item testimonia de re praedicta
  • [XIII]
  • [XIV] Item de reprobis baptizatis
  • [XV]
  • [XVI]
  • [XVII] Quare filius nunc aequalis nunc minor Patre dicatur
  • [XVIII] Item de electis et reprobis

        Explicit De praedestinatione

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